Monday, July 28, 2008

Everything's OK

It was just one day of a fever and red thoart. We went to the doctor's today to make sure but everything is negative. He is feeling fine now, a little tired but he gets energy in spurts. But he hasn't had a fever since Saturday so YEAH!!! I just wanted to update anyone who reads this blog. :-)
Have a great week.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My baby's sick

Kris and I tried to get away this weekend, while my mother-in-law watched the boys. Well we had a great night. But Saturday morning while I was in the pool Kris got a phone call from Sandy, Trevor's sick, he didn't sleep all night and he threw up this morning. He has a fever and she was going to call the doctor. Well when I got back I took a shower and Kris and I just packed up and went home. Around 3:30 Trevor had just woken up from his nap, which was taken on me because he wasn't sleeping in his crib, and he was BURNING UP!!! We took his temperature and it was 102, then 103 so I took him to the Beaumont Medical Center. When we got there his temperature was 104. He did very well at the doctor's office. He let the doctor listen to his chest and he even did remarkably well with the thoart culture. His strep test came back negative though. So they gave us a dose of Motrin and sent us away. With the instructions to see the doctor on Monday. MONDAY!!! MY BABY IS BURNING UP NOW!!! But after about an hour or an hour and a half Trevor's fever was down and he was actually playing and running around. He's actually sleep now. Let's hope he sleeps long enough tonight to feel better and no ER visits tonight...

Monday, July 14, 2008

The next Bobby Flay?

This past Saturday I was cooking breakfast for the boys. They were being extra whiney so I decided to let them "help" me. So first I let Alex put the bread in the toaster and push the button down. That worked well though Trevor was screaming in the background. So next I let Trevor pour the egg beaters into the pan. While Alex was screaming in the background...
Next I let them sprinkle cheese on the egg beaters. Unfortunately I don't have a step stool so I had to pick each one up to do this. (I probably should've thought through this better but nothing happened so we're okay for now.) I know my next purchase. Trevor grabbed a hand full of cheese and just dumped it in the eggs. Alex on the other hand grabbed a hand full of cheese and actually sprinkled it around the eggs evenly. I thought it was so cute. And cool... I don't think he's ever been able to see what we are doing when we're cooking since I don't have the aforementioned foot stool yet. So it was just cool to see that he naturally knew to sprinkle the cheese around the eggs. On the other hand this could have been a fluke and he was just trying to get the most out of his cooking time.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Last week was a very busy week for the boys and me. On Tuesday we went up to the Rochester Hills Fireworks. We have a friend that lives near the park so we go there for dinner and walk over to the spot that he put the sleeping bags down on the night before. This place is crazy for the fireworks. They are at Borden Park at John R and Hamlin. They have food vendors and a stage with a live band and they have music through the fireworks. They are one of my favorite displays in the area.

The last time I went was while I was pregnant with a big ole belly. So this year I decided to take the boys up to see. them. I had no idea how they were going to react since the fireworks don't start until after their bed time and I didn't know how they'd react to the noise once they did start. But I thought I'd try anyway.

First while we were eating dinner the boys kept looking at the neighbor's house because they had a lot of kids over and they were all playing. Their back yards are all connected. So when I figured they weren't going to eat anymore I said, "OK! Go play!" And they did. Trevor ran over there without hesitation and Alex ran over there when Grandma Sandy walked over there to make sure it was okay. I never thought they would just run over there so I was in shock and I was still eating. Paul is GREAT on the BBQ! There were actually 2 sets of twins over there one set was older than the boys and the other looked to be about the same age. The boys had a blast until Trevor got hit by a swing. But he calmed down fast.

Next we walked over to the park. The boys had it easy since they were in the stroller. We got to our spot and just chilled out. Trevor sat in Grandma's lap and looked like he was going to fall asleep but he never did. Alex just acted crazy and I think he was trying to make sure he stayed awake.

And once the fireworks started they were in awe for about 10 minutes. They just stared at the sky. They actually reached out for each other's hands too and held hands for a portion of the show. But after about 10 minutes they started playing until the Grand Finale when they watched again. There was no screaming and no fussing. The other couple that was with us told me I had the most well behaved kids. He couldn't believe that almost 2 year olds were able to sit through that and not cause a fuss.
Here they are watching the show.

Camping 4th of July

To take advantage of my super long weekend over the 4th of July I decided to go camping with my parents and bring the boys. We camped up by my uncle's place near Tawas and Oscoda Michigan in Old Orchard Campground. The boys had a blast though they really enjoyed their freedom sleeping in a big bed instead of their cribs. So we didn't get much sleep but they had a lot of naps during the day and had fun during the day so that's all that matters right?

One night I took a shower and left my parents with the boys. Every time they thought they were sleeping they would hear another giggle. So my dad went in to check on them and Alex had escaped and was on the bench next to the bed. My dad said, "What-are-you-doing?" and FREAKED Alex out. My mom said it was the first time that either of my kids really cuddled with her. On the first 2 days we went to my uncle's cottage. His entire family was up this weekend. So it was a full house. They have a sand hill in the back of their property so I took the boys up there to play and they had a blast. They just kept filling their buckets and dumping them out. Then I taught them how to knock down the sand castles... Whenever Alex is playing in sand he gets this hysterical giggle/screech thing going. It is just too cute for words. But I haven't been able to tape it yet. Everyone also rode on their four wheelers. So I got the boys' out and they rode for a little bit but they were more interested in playing in the dirt. Alex was in front and Trevor started going and got caught behind Alex. Since Alex wasn't moving Trevor just spun his tires. Then gave up and got off. The last time I used these were in the winter in the house. I CANNOT believe how much they've grown...On Saturday we had a fun packed day. In the morning we hiked the Iargo Springs. Which has about 270 steps. Going down was a breeze and once we were down there we let the boys run around. They were on our backs for a lot of the hike. I had Alex and my dad had Trevor. Now my boys are probably around 35 lbs each. So you can imagine the extra resistance we had during this workout. The trip back up was a little rough. We took many breaks and my mom dropped her camera so we waited, but at that point I had the dogs too and they helped pull my momentum up a little bit so they actually helped me going up.

While I was walking with Alex and he was bouncing he was humming or moaning or making his cute little baby noises in my ear. It was cute, I thought he was going to put himself to sleep in the backpack.

Apparently that hike was a little too much for Trevor. This was minutes after we were on the road.

After their nap my mom and I went into Tawas and visited the lighthouse and the downtown. The boys had fun they actually wanted their picture taken here. I set them on the rocks but I had to pry Alex away when I was done. Then we went into town and I let them pick out some books at the bookstore. I also bought some books for me because I can't go up-north without looking for some cool "Michigan" books. I'm working my way through the "Legends of..." books.

Then what is camping without getting Ice Cream at the camp store. When I was going to Higgins Lake every year I would ALWAYS get Blue Moon Ice Cream. And this camp store actually had it too. I was chicken though so the boys just got French Vanilla. But they also had a new flavor called Black Cherry. It was awesome. So I didn't get my Blue Mooon this year, but their is still time this summer.After our ice cream my dad and I walked with the boys and the dogs down to the boat launch. We showed the boys the lake. I didn't let them out of the stroller though so I don't know what the temperature was like. This lake is actually part of the Au Sable River. It looked really clear but I don't think I saw a single fish while I was there. Makes me think it's so clear because it's infested with zebra muscles...

The One where they Look Like Twins

One day Kris got up and dressed the kids like he always does. And they went downstairs and ate their breakfast. Then while they were playing Kris realized that something just didn't seem right. We have never dressed our kids alike except when we went to the Tigers game and there was only one cute outfit for them to wear so they were matching.

But Kris figured it out. He had accidentally dress the boys alike for a day.

Luckily there socks were different. Though I'm sure their socks didn't stay on long...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Terrible 2's

Why is that they completely understand, "sit still for a minute you're in a time out, you shouldn't have done_____" well okay I only know for sure that they understand the sit still part.

And "OK you can get up now" man they jump up so fast you can feel a breeze. BUT they won't listen to the original "do not hit Mommy, or you're going to get a time out." It's going to be a fun year....