Saturday, January 16, 2010

Emotions, 2010 - a year about ME!

I have a ton of emotions running through me right now. Stress, that I'm still unemployed and may lose my house, car, freedom to live on our own... any number of other things. Extremely anxious, "What if I get a job out of state?" "What if it's temporary?" "Can I really live without my kids and Kris that long?" "Will we move the whole family?" "Will we wait it out until Michigan's economy picks up again?" Obviously I can't stay unemployed THAT long but can I can really commute to some other stat that long? Not seeing my kids everyday? Am I making the most of my time with my kids right now in case that does happen? (Currently my kids are at their grandmother's house for the weekend. But Kris and I are getting some much needed time alone as well.) Not to mention any other family issues and emotions running through my head.

So where am I going with this? While I'm exercising, I don't think about ANY of this. When I think about how I let myself get away from exercising for so long it makes me push that much harder. While running on the elliptical I was reading my Self magazine about a woman's struggles to lost that last 20 pounds, and it gave me a surge to plow through that high hill on the program. Look how far I've come. When I started this weight lose battle (this time around) I was 30 pounds heavier and got SO winded just staying on an elliptical at a low resistance. Sure I have gained 20 pounds from my inital 50 pounds lost but now it's time to think about ME! 2010 is the year for me, hell it's a DECADE for ME. If you make me mad I'm just going to ignore you I don't need the extra emotions. I'm going to keep the positive people in my life and the people who make me happy, and I'm going to concentrate on making me and my family HAPPY!

So 2010 and the 2010s, is all about ME baby! Go ME!!! Go 2010!!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Day

We didn't really have a snow day because the boys don't have school on Fridays anyway. So I'm not sure if the area kids had school today. After we had breakfast and exercised to, The Biggest Loser Boot Camp, the boys and I went outside and played in the snow. It is the first time they really ever played in the snow. They were either sick or it was too cold or storming last year so we never actually made it out. But they had a blast this year once I showed them what to do. I had to make a snow angel to show them and I just kept falling in the snow to show them that it didn't bother me. Trevor still only fell in the snow once. He would rather stand.

Alex was digging the snow angels. He really got the idea after I pushed him over and moved his legs for him to make his first one. But this one in the picture is the one he did all by himself. He was so proud of it too. After that Alex would fall in the snow and he was using the snow brick makers and making little towers of snow everywhere. Then he was the one that started the snowball fight. Though this snow wasn't very good for snowballs, the bricks he made for good packed snowbricks to throw.
Lastly, I taught the boys the joys of eating snow. Alex was mostly too busy to eat any snow. But this was an activity that Trevor digged. And don't worry I did warn him never to eat yellow or brown snow.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Long time no see

I know it's been a long time. But I've been busy playing with my boys and enjoying my time off. Unfortunately, the recession hit us hard in July of 2009. I may have to change my blog title though I hope to have another job soon. It has been fun being a stay at home mom though and especially easy since my husband is still home too. Finances have obviously been hard but we have been blessed with help from family and the state government. :-)

This year I have decided to start a new scrapbook which will incorporate daily pictures of my family. I got the idea from a fellow scrapbooker though I'll be doing my digitally so that I can fit it all in one book. I hope to have a lot of fun with it and hope that I have a better documentation of the year then I did last year. I have TONS of pictures from the second half of the year since I was not working and I did a lot with the boys. But the beginning of the year I apparently slacked off.

While I've been off I've managed to finish the boys playroom, and they love it. There's a train table, a kitchen and most of their Imaginext toys. They love their kitchen the most. They make noodles, cookies, and coffee all day long. It is hystrical. Even on Christmas Eve Alex was yelling at Brennan because he was using the noodle spoon in the coffee maker and that just wasn't right!

Some things haven't changed. The boys still wrestle and now Alex yells, "TAKEDOWN!" when he makes Trevor fall to the ground. However, when Trevor knocks Alex down, Alex starts crying and screaming for Trevor to stop. So now we are trying to teach Alex that if he starts it that he has to be willing for Trevor to stop it. :-)

Trevor was Spiderman for Halloween in 2009 and the costumes still fit them, so Alex turns into "Piderman" almost daily now. And he's usually chasing the Green Goblin, which is what Alex was for Halloween.

We have also started playing games with the boys. It is getting so fun that they are understanding the rules and actually doing pretty well. They really don't have the attention span for Shoots and Ladders or Candy Land yet. But they can make it through a small game of Memory and Go Fish (matching 2 cards not 4 yet) And they LOVE the game Cootie.
Here we are teaching the boys Go Fish. They loved yelling, "GO FISH!"
Since my new scrapbooking project kind of requires me to upload my pictures and document them more regularly I should have pictures more readily available for me to write in this blog more often. However, my most prospective job right now would require me to move to Alabama. So I would be relying on Kris to take the pictures, which I think he will doing willingly since I won't be around for all these moments either. We don't want to take the boys out of school in the middle of the school year and and the job may be a temporary job. I will hopefully know more after January 11th. Wish me luck. Actually wish me luck that I can find a job in Michigan more. Please comment if you read this so I know there are still some followers.
Happy New Year to Everyone! Here's to a spectacular new decade!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Alex Is Ready to Go!

The boys are really starting to get their personalities.
Today Alex picked up his camping chair in its bag and walked up to Kris and said, “Bye, bye Daddy.”

Kris: “Where are you going?”

Alex: “Driving”

Kris: “Where are you going to go?”

Alex: “See Ms. Lee” (Ms. Lee is their speech therapist)

Kris: “Okay have fun”

A few minutes later Kris hears his truck horn and his truck start. So he gets up to check on Alex and he had the diaper bag, the camping chair and Kris’s keys. Kris has a remote start so that was how he started the truck. Crazy kid. At least he knew to bring the diaper bag with him.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Alex is Tricky

Alex is blessed with being the only member in our family with no allergies. So recently we have started to give Trevor his Clartin at night to help with his excessive amounts of mucus. The poor kid almost never can breath through his nose. So every night while we are giving Trevor his medicine, Alex starts rubbing his tummy and says, "Alex, medicine, tummy hurts." He's showing his true colors too soon. Now we know he'll fake sick to get out of school! It is so adorable though.
Then this weekend with the AWESOME weather we've been having we were playing outside on Saturday and the boys were wearing sandals for the first time this year and Alex was running up the driveway towards his tricycle and BAM he's sliding on the ground on his knees. This is the first major boo-boo mommy has had to deal with too. But Kris told me I handled it like a champ. It is a pretty good scrape though. And now everytime Alex tries to get into his chair or on the couch he's has to stop and ask mommy for help so he doesn't rub his knee. The poor kids. However, I have also witnessed him crawling up the stairs without any problem... so is he milking the pain too????
Lastly, Alex is my boy who is not entirely potty trained yet. But we went out to dinner in Brighton yesterday. We left after the boys nap and after dinner I took the boys into the bathroom and Alex's pullup was still dry. AND he peed on the potty. It is so awesome. I think he may start training himself. He'll probably need help with the pooping on the potty though because he still does that in the corner in his pull up. I'm sure he'll get it though, and it looks like soon. He has also peed on the potty twice today and his pullup was still dry when they went up for their nap. We did lose his bandaid though while he was going potty, and he confused me because he kept talking about a "bunny". Turns out "bunny" is bandaid and he wanted a new one. Luckily, Mommy took the boys to Target this morning and got some new bandaid, Spongebob (Alex), Scooby Doo (Trevor), and some Cars Tatto bandaids. Not sure what those are yet but they really like Cars. I totally forgot the Hydrogen Peroxide though. All we have is rubbing alcohol. I'm not putting them through THAT yet.
Well that's Alex's recent history in a nutshell.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Morning

The movie is a little iffy I think it was the compressing it looks fine full size. But you should be able to get the jist.

Happy Easter!