Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Day

We didn't really have a snow day because the boys don't have school on Fridays anyway. So I'm not sure if the area kids had school today. After we had breakfast and exercised to, The Biggest Loser Boot Camp, the boys and I went outside and played in the snow. It is the first time they really ever played in the snow. They were either sick or it was too cold or storming last year so we never actually made it out. But they had a blast this year once I showed them what to do. I had to make a snow angel to show them and I just kept falling in the snow to show them that it didn't bother me. Trevor still only fell in the snow once. He would rather stand.

Alex was digging the snow angels. He really got the idea after I pushed him over and moved his legs for him to make his first one. But this one in the picture is the one he did all by himself. He was so proud of it too. After that Alex would fall in the snow and he was using the snow brick makers and making little towers of snow everywhere. Then he was the one that started the snowball fight. Though this snow wasn't very good for snowballs, the bricks he made for good packed snowbricks to throw.
Lastly, I taught the boys the joys of eating snow. Alex was mostly too busy to eat any snow. But this was an activity that Trevor digged. And don't worry I did warn him never to eat yellow or brown snow.

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