Sunday, April 26, 2009

Alex is Tricky

Alex is blessed with being the only member in our family with no allergies. So recently we have started to give Trevor his Clartin at night to help with his excessive amounts of mucus. The poor kid almost never can breath through his nose. So every night while we are giving Trevor his medicine, Alex starts rubbing his tummy and says, "Alex, medicine, tummy hurts." He's showing his true colors too soon. Now we know he'll fake sick to get out of school! It is so adorable though.
Then this weekend with the AWESOME weather we've been having we were playing outside on Saturday and the boys were wearing sandals for the first time this year and Alex was running up the driveway towards his tricycle and BAM he's sliding on the ground on his knees. This is the first major boo-boo mommy has had to deal with too. But Kris told me I handled it like a champ. It is a pretty good scrape though. And now everytime Alex tries to get into his chair or on the couch he's has to stop and ask mommy for help so he doesn't rub his knee. The poor kids. However, I have also witnessed him crawling up the stairs without any problem... so is he milking the pain too????
Lastly, Alex is my boy who is not entirely potty trained yet. But we went out to dinner in Brighton yesterday. We left after the boys nap and after dinner I took the boys into the bathroom and Alex's pullup was still dry. AND he peed on the potty. It is so awesome. I think he may start training himself. He'll probably need help with the pooping on the potty though because he still does that in the corner in his pull up. I'm sure he'll get it though, and it looks like soon. He has also peed on the potty twice today and his pullup was still dry when they went up for their nap. We did lose his bandaid though while he was going potty, and he confused me because he kept talking about a "bunny". Turns out "bunny" is bandaid and he wanted a new one. Luckily, Mommy took the boys to Target this morning and got some new bandaid, Spongebob (Alex), Scooby Doo (Trevor), and some Cars Tatto bandaids. Not sure what those are yet but they really like Cars. I totally forgot the Hydrogen Peroxide though. All we have is rubbing alcohol. I'm not putting them through THAT yet.
Well that's Alex's recent history in a nutshell.


LYNN said...

We use neosporin with pain relief...heals fast & pain free after a few minutes...of course the trama lasts longer.

Brooke said...

Your weight loss is inspiring me to work on mine too. It's time to lose that baby weight since my baby is 35... when I find some good recipes, perhaps on I'll share.

LYNN said...

Okay, I'm back up and running...didn't want to be nix'd off of Mindy's list :) It's your time to update...whatelse is there to do all day long :)