Sunday, October 28, 2007

Zoo Boo again

I went to the Zoo Boo again tonight. This time I went with the girls I grew up with. Angie, Angie, Rachel and Megan. Rachel and Megan's parents were there and Angie Twiss's mom was there too. We all had a really good time and this is a picture of all the kids except Kyle and Brennan, my mom brought them too. From the left the kids are Leyton (2), Gavin (2-1/2), Alison (1-1/2), Mason (2), Tori (1 - 3 weeks younger than my boys), Trevor and Alex. I bought the boys some flashlight sparkley things and they just enjoyed being out again. It was cold this time though.
We also stayed for the show this time. Trevor absolutely loved the show. Alex liked the music and was dancing with Trevor. The show was pretty good and interactive, though my kids weren't interactive yet. It was fun to see the girls again. Ross Menendez said that we could almost get the softball team back together again. I was just excited to see everyone again and hopefully I'll get to see them some more.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Zoo Boo

This weekend was full of Halloween activites. On Friday we went to Halloween Nights at Greenfield Village. That was a lot of fun but I didn't dress the boys in their costumes because they wouldn't really fit in their car seats. The boys had fun watching everyone and fell asleep by the end. We got lots of candy, chips and a beanie baby black cat. We saw ghost and goblins and one other attendee was dressed as Captain Jack - Johnny Depp and was acting the part awesomely. He looked down at my two kids who were dressed alike at this point and said, "Oh, I'm seeing double again. I need more Rum." He was hilarious.

Then on Sunday night we went to the Zoo Boo at the Detroit Zoo. We dressed up this time Stephaine went with me and we pulled the boys in the wagon. We dressed Trevor in the Alligator costume and Alex in the Turtle. I did this because I thought Alex would just rip his head piece off because he hates things on his head now after his helmet. But Alex actually kept his head piece on until we got to the zoo and then he kept it on a few times when I put it back on. We went there this time with a couple from my Twins Group that I met through Beaumont. There was supposed to be another couple but they got there late and we had already gone in so we missed them. Luckily they were still able to get tickets to go in though. And they should've been right behind us.

So we got to walk through the Zoo and stop at some treat stations and see some animals made out of pumpkins and squash. We got to go through the "Reptile Haunted House" and take Alex and Trevor's picture by the turtle scuplture. Once I got Alex out of the stroller he was having a blast. He started talking and waving to everyone. Trevor was more interested in what was in his bag because he realized people were putting things in there for him. Then we went through a tent that had shows every 15 mintues or so but we didn't stay to watch because it was too warm. Then we were at the end. It was a lot of fun to see all the other kids dressed up and to watch my kids get excited.

We're going to the Zoo Boo again on Saturday with my friends from high school and their kids so that should be a lot of fun. Hopefully, I'll get a picture of all the kids then.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Weekend with the boys by myself

Well I made it through my first weekend alone with the boys by myself. Kris needed some much deserved rest so he got a hotel room for the weekend and slept. He is definitely refreshed. I was able to get a lot of chores done and catch up on all my TiVo shows too. Since the boys are on Kris's schedule meaning they wake up pretty late I was able to get up long before them and get a lot of chores done before they even woke up. Then while they were taking naps I could watch my TiVo shows.

Side track: Have you caught the show The Big Bang Theory? I am such a dork but I love that show and some the jokes I think only geeks would laugh at. I was watching it last night too with Kris and he just kept looking at me for the things I was laughing at. I also love How I Met Your Mother which is on right before The Big Bang Theory. I didn't really get into until this year but I just think that show is hilarious too.

So the rest of the weekend: I fed the boys fish sticks for the first time and they loved them. They ate more than I did. And Trevor loves tarter sauce. I dipped his fish in my tarter sauce and he licked it off and gave it back to me to dip again. I read a lot to the boys and chased them around the living room. I really think I need more books because I'm really getting tired of Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Panda Bear, Panda Bear... But the boys enjoy them. They even flip through them themselves and the books are upside right most of the time now.

We took a walk on Saturday and Alex just had so much to say. He was talking to everything. There weren't very many people out but he was talking to the trees and squirrels and the monkeys. When we walked past the zoo the monkeys that are by the rhino were screaming and making all kinds of racket. Alex just kept talking. The monkeys weren't moving so I don't think the boys could see them.

It was really a lot of fun and the rest of this month we'll be doing a lot of Halloween stuff. I'll actually be out of town on Halloween so I'm taking them to Halloween Nights at Greenfield Village this Friday. Then this Sunday we are going to the Zoo Boo with our Twins' group friends, and again we're going to the Zoo Boo with friends of mine from High School the following weekend. So at least I'll see my boys in their costumes a few times. I'll post pictures when the picture thing is working again.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Remote Blogging

Remote blogging. What an interesting concept. I can be typing an email and make it look like I’m working by any bystanders walking by but really I’m just filling in my blog. Gotta love technology.

First Timer

I've seen other peoples blogs and thought they were cool so I thought I'd start my own. Though I know I will not be able to post often because I'll be too busy but hopefully I'll have fun doing this. I still have to figure out everything but I'm sure it will come easy enough in time.

So if you're reading this you probably already know about me but I'll give a quick synapses. I am an Electrical Engineer for Jacobs Technology which designs and builds wind tunnels and other test facilities. We currently have a lot of work with NASA while they get ready for the Constellation project.

I am also a mom of 13 month old twin boys who are walking and getting ready to run and working on talking very soon. Their names are Alex and Trevor, and my husband stays home with them, he loves it, though I think he's really getting burned out. So he's taking a vacation weekend next weekend which will be my first weekend alone with the boys by myself. It should be interesting, I'll definitely post during or after that experience.

So check back often and I'll try to figure out how the picture posting works.