Thursday, March 20, 2008

The One with The Hand Gestures.

Okay so does everyone remember the Friends' episode where Monica and Ross are fighting over their childhood and it comes out that Ross used to bump his fist together (thumbs out) as a replacement to flipping the bird? Well that is some background for later in this blog.

I have recently started walking the boys around the block after dinner. And this particular day I couldn't because it was raining and icky and cold. So Trevor kept doing his sign language for shoes which is bump your fists together thumbs in, and hat which is taping your head. These are things we put on before we go for a walk. Then he would start waving to say bye-bye. So I had to tell him that we couldn't go bye-bye because the weather was too bad. So he would cycle through his signs again. Then he got really frustrated with me and bumped his fist together (thumbs out) with some attitude and turned and walked away. It TOTALLY reminded me of Ross's "flipping the bird" and it just cracked me up. So I took them for a walk anyway...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Trevor's a Geek already

While I was in Washington DC and Houston's Johnson Space Center I purchased some board books for Alex and Trevor. Trevor really grew to love one on a pretend space flight that boy/girl twins take. There are a lot of pictures of space shuttles throughout the book. He now knows the space shuttle and can point it out in all the space books. Plus I bought them a stuffed space shuttle with a sound thing it that sounds like a shuttle taking off., well not that loud but the same noise.
Well last week there was a shuttle launch at 2 am Tuesday March 4th. Kris decided to tape it from HDNet. This was cool for me too because I haven't seen a shuttle launch in HD yet. Yes I know I'm a geek and I'm not afraid to admit it. I was unfortunately traveling last week so I couldn't watch it live. So Kris started playing the launch back for Trevor and he got SOOOO excited. He looked around for his book and/or the stuffed shuttle and he would just stand in front of the TV watching the shuttle take off. He already wants to be an astronaut. I'm so proud... Since I was gone I missed all the first time excitement and Kris didn't video tape it for me. But I did play the launch again for Trevor on Friday and he had his stuffed space shuttle in his hand and he stared at the TV with noticeable excitement. Alex even watched this time too. According to Kris Alex really didn't pay any nevermind to the launches the first few times Kris played it.