Sunday, June 1, 2008

In the back yard

After the race luckily for me the boys were sleepy so we put them down for a nap and Kris and I took a nap too. I really needed it. But afterwards when the boys got up we had lunch and then played in the back yard. The boys were having a blast. They are really starting to understand and be able to climb up on their toys and enjoy sliding down their slides. Here are some pictures...

Playing nice at the slide.

Trevor is peaking in on Alex.

Trevor, right from the beginning always wants to go up the slide.

Alex going down the slide.

"Helping" Daddy with the lawn work.

Race for a Cure

Saturday May 31st: I participated in my first Race for a Cure 5 K walk this year. I've done chairty walks before just not this one specfically. It was a lot of fun and A LOT more people then I've ever walked with before. Sandy, my mother-in-law, walked with me and we walked with a team that Steph's co-workers created for her aunt who is a survivor of breast cancer. Our team name was BooBolicous. We also got on TV with Jay Towers on Fox 2 around 8:30 AM if you happen to be watching the news then. We had a great time the weather was great, it could've been a little cooler but it's Michigan I can't complain with what we got. At least it didn't rain while we were walking.

I just thought the Tiger looked really cute with his Red Wings Jersey on so I had to throw this picture in. GO WINGS!!! Beat Pittsburgh!!!
Steph, Sandy and me, sportin' our Ford Race for a Cure bandanas, and Boobolious visors.