Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Potty Training Day 1

The day started out fine. Alex and Trevor each threw away a diaper signifing "NO MORE Diapers!" And Alex was getting little dribbles of pee in the potty but Trevor was completely opposed to it. However, Alex was wetting himself a little before he would tell me that he needed to go so he went through quite a few pairs of underwear today. While Trevor stayed dry.

Right after their nap Alex woke up wet and Trevor was dry. We put them both on the potty and Trevor peed on the potty, a lot too, not just dribbles. Alex just dribbled. Then went and played and got wet again and came to me crying and dribbled some more. During dinner they both said they needed to potty so we went potty again and again Trevor had a really good one and Alex just dribbled.

Then after dinner Alex kept acting like he needed to poop. But every time we sat him on the potty he couldn't/wouldn't poop. He still hadn't pooped by bed time. So we'll see how tonight goes. At bed time again Trevor had a really good pee and Alex just dribbled.

I'm thinking that Trevor is getting this, which is weird based on the morning. But the rest of their milestones have all been Trevor starting out really well and Alex perfecting it and passing up Trevor. So hopefully, we'll have 2 potty trained toddlers in a few days. If Alex continues like today though we may have to abort his mission and try again later. Meanwhile, I have said, "pee", "poop" and "potty" more times today than the entire rest of my life.

Happy New Year!!! Come back tomorrow for more updates.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Time

I know it has been so long but it's just crazy that's all I can say. We have had a very busy Christmas holiday season. We are pretty much celebrating Christmas 6 times this year. First on Christmas Eve with my family, then Christmas Day with Kris' mom and the next day with Kris' dad. Then miscellaneous get togethers with friends and my cousin's family. Plus we plan to start potty training next week. Anyway, Christmas morning was a blast. We think that the boys actually understood the concept of Santa this year. We didn't take them to see Santa because they still are not talking and I assumed that they would just scream anyway. But they definitely know who Santa is and whenever they see him they say, "HO, HO, HO" It's cute. So Christmas morning Santa got them an indoor trampoline (small don't worry) and Legos and a toy vacuum. Kris and I got them some books, Mr. Potato Heads and a big cardboard playhouse that they can color themselves.
Alex and his Legos and Mr. Potato Heads.

Trevor and the vacuum
My kids are actually deathly afraid of the vacuum right now. So Santa got them this toy hoping that they would see that there is nothing to be afraid of. (Santa is a smart man.) When they opened it Alex knew right way that it was a vacuum and was starting to get upset. So I turned it on and made it make silly noises. And he got used to it and likes to vacuum the whole house now. They are still afraid of the real vacuum though. But hopefully we've made a start.

The boys also got some good stuff in their stockings. It took them a while to get everything out of them but they finally dumped them all out.

Alex cleaning up with his shovel, Trevor playing with his Magnadoodle.
Christmas Eve was spent at my sister's house with my family. The boys made out pretty well. They each got a Magnadoodle, and they got a V-Tech laptop, a LeapFrog word builder for the fridge, a shovel, and an exercise bike. The boys had a blast. And I got Kyle and Brennan a big cardboard playhouse too so we set that up and the boys were having a great time in there. It was actually big enough for all 4 boys to play comfortably.

Aunt Lacey and Alex

Trevor, and Alex and Mommy Goofy smile
We're still getting presents trickling in and the boys are having a great time. They also got a V-Tech Motion video game system (they don't quite understand this yet, but we should be able to get the full age range of use out of it), and an art table and a folding table with little folding chairs. Mommy got a Wishblade (she still needs to figure it out) and Daddy got a PS3. So everyone is having fun with their new toys.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I will blog my potty training experience for those who are interested.