Friday, November 7, 2008


I know its been a while. But things are crazy and I can't do this at work anymore... (hmm, hope no one from Jacobs reads this... but then again...) Anyway, October was a pretty hecktic month. We took our annual trip to Blake's Orchard and have passed on the tradition of taking a bite out of the apples before you pick them to make sure they are good. So after Kris showed them this they decided they could pick any apples off the trees and just take a bite...I hope they didn't get any worms. Yuck!

We also pick our pumpkins while we were there. The boys were allowed to pick their own pumpkins. They were so proud of their pumpkins that they insisted on carrying them themselves to the stroller which then took them to the truck. Trevor's face was just so determined to get to the stroller without falling or breaking the pumpkin.

I then found some "Mr. Potato Head" type pieces the boys could use to decorate their pumpkins. They had a blast with them and a loved putting all the pieces in. So their pumpkins looked a little creepy but that's allowed for Halloween right?

The boys also had many occasions to put on their costumes. We had our Halloween party with my Moms of Multiples group where Kris and I dressed up also as Fred and Wilma Flintstone. Most of the kids don't remember that cartoon though because I don't think its on anymore. But Kris won for best adult costume. Yeah!

Then the boys and Kris went to the Berkley Moms Group Halloween party. He didn't know at the time but they have voted him in to be included in the group. YEAH!!! (to see why I'm so excited see My SAHF Frustrations Continue).

Then that same night we went to the Zoo Boo with my sister and her kids and my parents and my friend Stephanie with her niece Briana. Check out Briana's hand she was getting very friendly with Alex. She kept trying to hug Alex all night. It was just so adorable. Here's our picture of them all, Briana, Alex, Trevor, Kyle and Brennan.

If you've never gone to the Zoo Boo it is a must for little kids. And at the end there is a show for the kids which was the same as last year but my kids didn't remember so it's okay. But the star Witchy-Boo-Boo actually took a picture with the boys after the show. All the kids were completely infatuated with the show basically because of the bright lights and colors but that's okay. They had a great time.

We also did Trick-or-Treating we walked all along our 3 block street. The boys were whipped afterwards but that's good too. That means they sleep well. :-) All and all it was a very successful Halloween season. We got to do everything we signed up for without getting any sicknesses. Yeah.