Monday, August 25, 2008

Torch Lake 2008

Our vacation was last week. We went back up to the cottage at Torch Lake. The boys had a good time and we had a lot more fun with them this time. They were able to do more so it made it more fun for us. One very exciting thing about a vacation is that I get to see Kris with the boys all day not just at night so I get to experience how he plays with them during the day. I took this video of some of the things he’s teaching my children throughout the day.

Wrestling is just such a good quality for boys. We also started teaching them to clap for the really good burps. Kris had a really spectacular burp and I had to clap for it so the boys caught on pretty quickly.

We also played by the “beach”. The beach of our cabin is all rocks. Though it didn’t matter all the boys wanted to do was fill their buckets with rocks and water, dump and repeat. They really weren’t interested in going out into the water. I did get them to come out once a little past the man made reef but I think the waves were too big so they were getting a little scared. Trevor also got a mouth full of water trying to drink when a wave came up.

The sleeping arrangements were similar to my (camping trips). There were beds but we brought our travel beds and the boys slept on the floor. Trevor was freakin’ out the first night. We’re not sure why but he was acting like something spooked him and we couldn’t do anything to calm him down. So we finally just held the door closed and let him cry for a little bit. After some time had pasted (since the crying stopped) we checked on them and this is how they were sleeping.
We were so proud of Alex comforting his “little” brother. It was just the cutest thing. Course them sleeping on the floor also caused other issues. For instance, on Tuesday morning Trevor was under one of the beds and stuck. He was completely under the bed and just a foot was sticking out. I had to ask Alex where he was and Alex pointed to the bed. It was freakin’ hilarious. It’s hard not to laugh sometimes.

The boys also learned about some bugs during this trip. There was a caterpillar crawling across the sidewalk and I pointed it out to the boys. They giggled over it and Alex started doing his “voodoo” on it. I’m not quite sure where he picked it up or what he thinks he’s doing but he does it to the dogs too. He just flaps his hands over the object, this case the caterpillar, and starts talking gibberish. Course gibberish is all he says right now so I guess he may think he’s saying something meaningful… Unfortunately, I missed getting a picture of the caterpillar, it crawled super fast, but Alex continued doing voodoo after it was under the truck.
Speaking of gibberish we also had our first word from Alex then Trevor this weekend. They each said, “No”. We were so excited. They weren’t telling me no either so they weren’t talking back… So we’ve been trying really hard to get them to look at our lips while we teach them new words like, “Yes!”

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tigers Game 2008

On Aug. 10th I took my parents, Stephanie and the boys to the Tigers game (they were tickets from work so they were essentially free). They played against the Oakland As and won 6 - 1. It was actually a pretty dreay day and a little bit chilly. I had the boys in shorts and luckily when I stepped outside I decided to bring the boy's sweatshirts. They definitely needed them. It also rained a little bit too, which made it even colder. Not to mention we were in the upper deck and the common area up there was like a wind tunnel.

I wasn't sure how they boys were going to handle this because the game started at 1:05 and they usually take a nap at 2. But they did very well. We sat in our seats until the bottom of the 5th inning, which meant we got to witness a Tigers homerun that happened in the 5th inning. The boys did see the fountains go off. From our seats though I'm not sure they actually saw any of the the game.
You're looking the wrong way Alex.

After the 5th inning, we took the boys down to ride on the Carousel, they rode free since it was "Kids Day", some people had free tickets for adults too but not us. ..I'll need to look into that next time. As we were riding the carousel Trevor was hopping on his horse trying to go faster. Alex, on the other hand, was a little nervous and had a look on his face like, "Are you crazy, don't make it go faster!"

Trevor having a blast on the carousel. Grandpa is holding him.


After the carousel we waited through the 8th innining then left and took some pictures with the Tiger out front. Here are the boys with Stephanie.

On the ride home both of the boys fell asleep, and Trevor took about a 2 hour nap. Alex, however, did not want to nap so he stayed downstairs and played with Mommy and Daddy and his new Tigers gear. Alex lost the jersey pretty quickly, he was getting warm in the house.
When Trevor got up he got to play with them too. So don't worry.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mommy Separation Anxiety

Alex is finally over his mommy separation anxiety... for now. For awhile when ever I left Alex would cry and cry and cry even though Kris was still home with him. Sometimes he would cry until I got back 2 hours later. It was very frustrating. So this past weekend my mother-in-law, Sandy, was helping us with the kids while Kris and I set up the kids' new play thing in the back yard. So she was over all day Saturday and then on Sunday she came back. Well when she came in on Sunday, Alex brought me my shoes and put them on the floor in front of me, then he hugged and kissed me and waved bye-bye. So either Grandma is a lot more fun or he's finally comfortable with me leaving. Yeah!...but....
So what does Trevor do...he started his mommy separation anxiety this past weekend. When I left the boys with Sandy he would cry and cry and cry...So I'm sure when this passes they'll just flip-flop again...