Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Our First ER Trip

I'm sure this will be one of many but I had my first ER trip with Trevor last night. He's had a cold for about a week now and yesterday he started breathing really shallow and he wouldn't lay down to go to sleep because it would get harder for him to breath. So I called the pediatrician and she said he might get worse through the night if we waited till morning to come in. So off to Beaumont. Now when I used to go to the ER at Beaumont quite regularly as a kid I seem to remember being there for hours and the way we would get pushed through quicker was by my throwing up on my dad (this happened many times). Plus adults and kids were always in the same area. Well now Beaumont has a Peds ER area so we only waited in the waiting room for about 15 minutes and then we were in a bed. The total trip only took a little over 2 hours. I was totally amazed.

Trevor was a trooper. When we got there he was waving to everyone and all smiles. When we saw the first nurse in the waiting room she had to put a pulse-ox sensor on Trevor's finger. So Trevor pointed his finger out and gave it too her. He did cry while she took his temperature though. His pulse-ox was 99% and no fever so that was good.

We get into the curtained area and see a nurse who checked his ears, nose, and thoart and listened to his breathing. Trevor just sat still and let her do what ever needed to be done. So by this point I figure he's just really tired...But when that nurse left he wiggles himself onto the floor and starts getting toys and books out the diaper bag. Every once in awhile he looks at the nurses station and starts waving at all the nurses. He is such a flirt.

After 2 doctors and another nurse we are told that he has croup - without the cough. At least we didn't go to the ER for nothing. They gave me some steroids to give him right there and when we finished the syringe of medicine the nurse and I said, "Good boy Trevor!" and Trevor sat up straight and started clapping for himself. I tell you this kid just doesn't have an ego problem... The doctors did tell me that it's contagious and that Alex will almost definitely get it too. Apparently it is common for preemies in their first 5 years of life and most common in the winter. However, cold air and cold liquids help it a lot so I got that going for me right now.

Everything is good and we're just waiting for Alex to get it now...Plus Kris is sick right now and isn't getting very much sleep so I'm sure eventually I'll be getting something too...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Google Famous

Have you ever tried Googling yourself just to see if and what comes up? Well I decided to do that because a radio station was having a competition that if you knew someone famous and called in you could get a gift cards some place. Well their definition of someone famous was that when their name was Googled something about them came up on the first page. So I Googled myself, and guess what the first article is ME!!!

I am a mentor for a middle school competition called Future City. Here in Michigan it is sponsored by the Engineering Society of Detroit and the National Competition is held in Washington DC during Engineer's Week in February. Well last year my team (then Helen Keller Middle School in Royal Oak) won the Michigan Competition so we got to go to Washington DC for the National competition. Our team ended up in 3rd place our of 38 teams that competed nationally. During the competition our team was interviewed and apparently I had a lot of cool things to say becasue they wrote an article with quotes from me.

I am continuing my mentoring duties at what is now Royal Oak Middle School (they combined the two middle schools this year). We have a good group of kids this year and it would be nice to bring home more medals and trophies.

So now when you're asked if you know a celebrity you can say Yes I know a Google Celebrity. :)