Saturday, September 27, 2008

The whole house is sick

Well September has been a crazy month for the Partlan household. I decided to quit my job of 9 and 1/2 years for a better opportunity for advancement. I hope. However, I have had plenty of sleepless nights over it. I am currently working through a contract house for General Dynamics Land Systems. It is an excellent job and I'm actually doing engineering work again, yeah but that doesn't mean that I'm not freakin' out. While I'm contract I don't get ANY vacation time and I can't take any sick time. Which leads me into my next crazy September story.

Since I'm at a new job there is the whole I'm prone to getting sick for about 3 months. For me it took 2 weeks. My boys have also started speech therapy so they have been in a school twice a week which carries its own germs. So this weekend my entire family is sick. Meaning on my Friday off yesterday I slept ALL DAY and my poor husband who is also sick and takes longer to recover than the rest of us was trying to take care of the kids all day who were crabby because they are sick as well. They just have a bad cold though. I have a sinus infection or bronchitis or something but luckily I was able to get antibiotics without going into the doctor. One lucky thing about my sickness hitting me hard and quickly was that I'm still on my old insurance which is better insurance, as of Wednesday almost everything is out of pocket...

So one more crazy September is almost over. And I still think I'm crazy being a new mom and not being able to take any time off... Luckily I get every other Friday off so that will help. This is a better opportunity though I just have many concerns and I'm really nervous and this was just me venting. So if you read it thanks. And I'll be okay. Hopefully, my head will be less phlegmy tomorrow. And I can let Kris have a good restful day before Monday. And I hope the kids are good to me so that I can handle Monday too.