Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas 2007

(Click on the title for Christmas Pictures - too many to add here. They will hopefully be there by 1/1/08.)
Well the boys understood the whole Christmas thing this year. They understood presents, family, and running around. We celebrated 3 Christmases between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Well actually 4 if you include Christmas morning which was just Kris, me and the boys. Christmas Eve was with my family and Christmas day was with Kris' family, then Kris' mom and the LeClair Family. We still have to celebrate with my cousin (Kris and I are their kids God-parents) and with my friend Stephaine. Sometimes I think I should just start celebrating Chanukah, then I already have 8 nights to get through all these dinners.

Christmas Eve
My family came over around 12:30. Dinner was supposed to arrive between 1:45 and 2:00, however, Boston Market forgot about our order so it got there late. But we were playing with the kids and there was a large pile of presents on one end of the couch. Alex decided to be a little sneaky while mommy was on the phone with Boston Market and walk to the pile of presents and see if he could get very far with one. He slowly grabbed a present and slowly started backing up, looking at everyone to see if they noticed. Well Mommy noticed when she got back in the room and nearly scared him to death when she walked up behind him and asked what he thought he was doing. Turns out it was his present though. I think he was just saying, "Let's get this ball rolling!"
A little while after that, I believe it was after dinner while we were opening presents Kyle was doing something and his dad, Dan called him a sissy. Trevor promptly turned around and said clear as day, "Sissy!" It was his first word... Kris thought that it was Kyle that said it since our kids haven't talked yet but Lacey, Dan, my mom and dad were all rolling because they clearly saw Trevor say sissy and they started picking on Dan for teaching Trevor to say sissy. He hasn't said it or anything else since then. Every once in a while Kris and I think we hear them say something clearly but we don't know if it is our ears playing tricks on us or if they actually say it because they don't repeat it... We are well on our way to talking. I can't wait. ONLY because Alex is sick right now and I really just want to hear them say what's wrong instead of me trying to figure out what's wrong.
Trevor also absolutely LOVED my dad. He kept running up to him with his arms raised and Grandpa being the sucker that he his kept picking him up. Luckily he's been working out with all those watermelons. My boys are still light compared to them.

They each got a PowerWheel (designed for 1 to 3 year olds), they got books, a push around train (little, not one you sit on), and Grandma and Grandpa will be buying them helmets as well.
Mommy got games for her Nintendo DS and books. Daddy got books, a gift card and some HD DVDs.

Christmas Day
Christmas morning the boys came downstairs for breakfast to a NEW inflatable ball pit and presents in their stocking. Alex was the one who noticed the presents in the stockings. His eyes got really big. They could hardly eat their breakfast they wanted to play so badly. So we let them play and started handing them presents. They were really cute opening presents, they would rip on little piece of paper then run and give it to Kris or me saying their yuck sound (which basically sounds like clearing your throat). Then they would run back to the present, which of course is on the other side of the room by now, and rip another piece of wrapping paper off and bring it back. It was taking FOREVER, but they got the hang of it and they opened all their gifts. Until....
Inflatable ball pit, hide-n-seak tunnel tent thing, books, clothes from Eric and Carrie and Tristan, Elmo phone and Cookie Monster remote.
Mommy got HD DVDs of Harry Potter 3 & 4. Daddy got socks (from Santa :-)), and HD DVDs.

Grandpa Chuck and Brooke's house. We got there around 12:30, and there was a MOUNTAIN of presents under their little 2 foot tree. (They just got back from Lake Tahoe on the 23rd.) So after a little getting comfortable time for the boys we started opening presents and this time it was starting to take forever. So we had to jump in and help or we would've been there all night and we needed to get home for the last Christmas dinner. We thought we were going to be eating an early dinner there but dinner wasn't until 4:00. We were only minutes late from being able to leave before the rest of the Partlans got there so we ended up leaving later than we hoped. Luckily the boys didn't wake up from the car trip when we put them down for a nap at home.
Trevor didn't want Grandpa to put him down the entire time. I hope Grandpa's back doesn't hurt nearly as badly as mine does. I was holding Alex a lot this weekend and Trevor sometimes too. There were just too many people around. So I've been living on a heating bad and motrin...
3 stage tricycles for each of them, trailer for the wagon, 2 little people sets, race car set (for older than 3 so they won't be getting this one yet), turtle night light that illumniates stars on to their ceiling, leash/backpacks for each of them, books, and I'm sure there is more I'm just forgetting.
Mommy got MyVu goggles to watch movies full size from her video IPOD, and speakers for her ipods. Daddy got an HD DVD player (he got a few weeks ago for some rebate), and an XBox 360 game and a gift card I think.

Then there was the final Christmas celebration. Sandy cooked (heated) dinner while we were at Chuck's house and some of the LeClairs came over around 5:00. We had Beth, Tim, Kim, and John. Paul was sick and Peter and Carmen stopped by during dessert. Peter and Carmen are now engaged too. Yeah for them! Tim and Kim brought their dog Gracie over who is just an addorable little puppy and my dogs and Alex had a blast playing with her. It was a lot of fun hanging out with everyone. And the boys were really getting this present thing under control now. They saw the presents and just started ripping through them. One for each of them was soft though they really didn't want to open that one. They must be like their dad and they don't want clothes for Christmas.
Hoodie towels frog and bear, books (had to exchange 3 of them - thats pretty good for how many books they got), Tonka cars and trucks.
Mommy got Quantum Leap Season 5 (final one I needed), we also got gift cards to 7-11, McDonalds, Target and a check to go away for a nioght no kids, babysitting care of Sandy. We're going to work on getting a weekend or ask my mom to take the other night, so we can get a weekend. Yeah!

Christmas is almost over. Saturday will be spent with Jerry, Christy, Dustin and Dylan and Sunday with Stephanie and Monday isn't Christmas but dinner with Matt, Pamela, Annalise and Nikola. No rest for the weary!

You can click this picture too, to see the same pictures mentioned at the beginning of this post. Again I hope to have them posted by 1/1/08.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Blankies and Swords

Trevor, and his blankie. Luckily we ended up with 4 of these blankies when the boys were born. Because now Trevor is completely attached to them. Luckily I can swap them out so I can clean them because they are like velcro for dog fur. So we now have one in his crib and one in the living room. Every time be bring him down from sleeping he cries all the way down the stairs because we made him leave his "blankie" upstairs. But when he's in the living room and see's is blankie he runs and picks it up and stops crying. So when will he learn that there are multiple blankies and there is no need to scream in my ear on the way down the stairs?

I do think that it is very cute how he carries his blankie around and sucks on it when he's tired. Alex hasn't taken to a blankie yet. He doesn't even like to be under his blanket in his crib while he's sleeping. Almost instantly he rolls over and lays on top of his blanket. Usually he lays on his stomach with his butt up in the air. I think that's addorable too.

I was wrapping presents the other day and ended up with two cardboard paper rolls. I used to give these to the dogs because they love chewing on them. The dogs were very tired though so they kinda just ignored them. Not even thinking about them anymore, I brought the boys down from their nap. And they almost instantly went for the cardboard rolls. And then like its in their blood or something they started playing swords with them. Now I cannot for the life of me think of where they got that. The TV is hardly on because we don't want them watching TV with all the hype about over stimulation or whatever... I haven't watched a Pirates of the Caribbean lately or a Star Wars. I suppose they could've been playing baseball too, but I'm pretty sure they've only watched one of my games, and about 3 innings of a Tigers game. Baseball is never on our TV at home because Kris doesn't like watching Baseball - "It's boring!"

At one point Trevor's "sword" broke. So he went over to Alex and stole his. Alex just burst out crying and Trevor just looked at him like, "what's the problem?" Then Trevor just did the cutest thing. Still clutching on to the the good "sword" he took the broken one over to Alex and handed it to him. Alex looked at it and just started screaming again so Trevor tried to give it to him again. Trevor was trying so hard to please Alex but it just wasn't working. Alex was just starting to get sick during this escapade so that could've been part of the problem. And he sure wasn't going to give up the good "sword". Eventually, Alex found something else to play with and one of the dogs picked up the broken "sword". Trevor thought that looked like fun so he started playing with the dogs. That made the good "sword" accessible and Alex didn't waste any time picking it up. :-)

My boys now have no fear of the dogs. They will take toys from them and play tug-a-war with them, they just don't care. They even try to take bones out of their mouths. Thank goodness the dogs are VERY good about it. I'll have to watch the kids with new dogs though. Not all dogs are equal...
Trevor just had a blast playing with Nicky and the old cardboard tube. He'd pull it away and Nicky would grab it and pull it away and then Trevor would take it again. It lasted quite a while while Zagnut the protector just watched over them.

First Hair Cut

For quite a while now I've been thinking that the boys really need a hair cut. They were starting to get tails and Trevor had this crazy afro-fluffy hair-do in the back of his head. I was just super paranoid and didn't know how to do it. I was afraid their hair would look uneven and that they would have this wavy haircut. But yesterday I decided it just had to be done. Look at all this hair. And it approaching their eyes.

It has taken 15 months before the boys got their first hair cut. My nephew isn't one yet and I think he's had 3 or 4 already. But my boys have really fine hair and I also had the free that I would cut their hair and they would look bald again. Well I decided we just needed to go for it now and if it looks horrible we can get it fixed before all the Christmases with the families. I set them in their high chair one at a time and used my husband's clippers. I even tied a burp-cloth rag around their neck so they wouldn't get hair down their necks. Here's Alex in his high chair after his hair cut.

It's a much cleaner look but he almost looks bald. But I really cannot believe how much hair came off while I was clippin'. It just really didn't look like they had that much hair. And me being the good scrap booker that I am I saved and labeled a good chunck of each one's hair. It looks darker than their hair that they have kept. I was also amazed at how well they did while I was clipping. Kris thinks it must vibrate their head or something because they just sat there and took it. There was no screaming or squirming. I was very greatful for that. I don't think I would've been able to finish if they were squirming because I would've thought I was hurting them. So here a picture of them after their hair cuts. It was almost bed time so they were a little droopy eyed afterwards. Trevor is sucking on his arm and I think Alex is wondering where his hair went. :-) I did learn some lessons during my first haircuting though:

1.) Cut their hair before the bath so you can wash all the other hair off of them before bed.

2.) Kris told me that I should use his other clippers since I made their hair so short. Apparently the other one would work better for that. (I didn't even know there was a difference.)

3.) I need to strap them down pretty hard while I clip the hair around their ears. The Clippers didn't get that hair so I had to use scissors. Actually Kris used the scissors but they kept whipping their head around because I couldn't hold them still when they jerked. Maybe the new clippers will work better for that.

4.) Don't be afraid of the clippers. They don't hurt them and use them more often so I don't have to go through so much hair.